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Fake Eyelashes and Baby Food

YouTube Spotlight

on July 27, 2015

I love YouTube. My kids love YouTube. As my friend’s husband often says, I am “YouTube certified” in many things. I’ve learned how to do some wicked braids and hairdo’s for Lana and Willow. I’ve found amazing recipes. I’ve watched some awesome CrossFitters and gymnasts and learned how to do some new yoga poses. You name it, you can find it! I even used YouTube to figure out how to adjust the straps on my kids’ new Fjallraven school backpacks.

Here’s a tip for the Moms and Dads out there. If you haven’t downloaded Kid’s YouTube yet — do it now! It filters out all the worrisome channels that kids can accidently navigate towards, and you can set a timer. Really a great app. My kids love it, and even my 3 year old twins can easily find what they want. The icon looks like this — CUTE!

kids youtube

Here are 5 of our all time favorite YouTube channels!


This is one account that we ALL love. It seems so simple. Emmy tries food that subscribers send her from all around the world. She is super cute, and her videos are fun and easy to follow for the kids. I love to see food from all around the world, and the kids like to see the candies.


Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube

If you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE Jamie Oliver and his recipes! You’ll also find some really fun YouTube chefs that Jamie and his team love. It’s a great smattering of different types of people and recipes, and I adore it.


Cute Girls Hairstyles


If you’ve got girls, or if you like to do cool stuff with your own hair or if you are a Dad looking for a how to (Lance I’m talking to you!) — then this is your new best friend! Cute Girls Hairstyles is a fun account with great tips on how to make awesome hair! Enjoy, and tag me with your kids’ hair creations please!

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Whitney Bjerken


This is a cute gymnastics account that Lana loves. Whitney is a great little gymnast who posts not only great gymnastics videos, but also fun family and life videos. Her account is nice because it shows beautiful gymnastics in a nice balance with life outside the gym.

Whitney Bjerken



Zoella is not exactly a small time YouTuber. She’s the real deal with over 8 million subscribers. If you’ve never checked out her videos — you should! She’s got a super cute personality, and shares tips on makeup and hair, etc. Plus Zoella has a cute little English accent. Def a fun way to kill about 15 minutes.


BTW – Weather Mommy has a YouTube account too! Admittedly, I should upload more videos! If you guys follow me on YouTube, let me know what kind of videos you might like to see, and I’ll try to make it happen! Until then – give us a follow

Megan Glaros – Weather Mommy!

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