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More Than You Think…

on May 15, 2015

I am a time expert. I live, or die (this is not as permanent in television lingo) by the clock. Thirty seconds here, 2 minutes there. Seconds are critical when you’ve got a definite time frame, commercials, and all kinds of stories to meld together. Weather people are notorious for taking too much time – me included! Sorry producers — I like to talk!!


Every workday, I ask our floor director things like – “when do I have time to go to the bathroom”, “do I have enough time to wash this apple”, or “how many minutes until my next hit”. I get answers like “You’ve got 4 minutes. Plenty of time!” It may not seem like it, but 4 minutes is an eternity. Even 30 seconds will buy you enough time to eat something, or change a few graphics, or run to the mirror to check your hair.

It stinks to be so beholden to the clock. Certainly doesn’t allow for any freedom during our 2.5 hour show every morning. But it has done one thing — it has made my time management skills second to none, and I NEED you to know that you have time for the little things.

You have time to take one more sip of coffee
You have time to give your baby one more kiss before you leave the house
You have time to let your child tie her own shoe
You have time to get gas
You have time to grab a nutritious breakfast
You have time to stop and say hi to your friends
You have time to go to the bathroom
You have time to walk to the better restaurant down the street
You have time to brush your hair
You have time to let your kids go down the slide ‘just one more time’
You have time to put moisturizer on your face before bed
You have time to give your husband a kiss and let him know he’s great
You have time to smile at someone
You have time to chat to a co-worker in the hallway
You have time to take care of yourself

In this day and age, we ALL live, and die by the clock, but don’t let it take over your world. We’ve only got one life. I doubt anyone on their deathbed has regretted taking the time to kiss their children, or take care of their health, or take that extra sip of coffee. We deny ourselves these little happinesses every hour of every day to “beat the clock’, but these seemingly small things are everything!! These small happinesses are LIFE. They are living in the moment. Sometimes when you feel constrained by all of life’s responsibilities, simply taking the time to do something VERY litle, can seem very BIG and very liberating.

Take it from me. :30 is a long time! It may not seem like much, but taking a few seconds for the little things can be everything.

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3 responses to “More Than You Think…

  1. dwburhans says:

    We took time to read this smart and clever blog!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I love this. You are absolutely right, 30 seconds is FOREVER in TV news. I’ve been taking more time to kiss my 3 ducklings (Alex included) on my way out the door at 3 a.m. 🙂

  3. Leon Ardelean says:

    We here in Shabbona really enjoy your comments. Keep up the great work! God Bless, we send our love. Leon

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